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Inkspotters is a Tasmania-based business that provides professional services in editing, report writing, resume design and much more.

Do you need fresh eyes to proofread your thesis?

Are you in the final stages of writing a journal article or essay?

As Tasmania’s only academic proofreading business with editors who themselves hold doctorates and are well-published, Inkspotters is uniquely positioned to provide proofreading services for academics and students.   We understand the importance of consistency, the strive for perfection and even the need for re-assurance, particularly when your thesis is the culmination of many months researching, drafting and writing, not to mention many months of blood, sweat and tears.

In accordance with university proofreading policies and publishing style guides, we will strive to give you this reassurance.  We will give your work a thorough proofread that ensures clarity of expression, appropriate use of tone, and correct spelling and grammar. We will also cross-check your references to ensure they are complete and comply with the appropriate referencing technique.

visit the website: https://inkspotters.com.au/